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keyper – Easily Share and Sell Tickets

Personal data is a sensitive and news-worthy topic at present. Who holds our data, which bits of information do they have, and what will they use it for? These are all important questions and ones to which we are all entitled to answers. Fundamentally is an understanding of our behaviours – our likes, dislikes and how they all come together to form a picture of what we’re likely to want or need in the future – is enormously helpful for service providers who want to offer us products or experiences that make our lives easier, surprise, delight or entertain us.

With keyper, every organizer can offer his customers mobile ticketing. The young company stands for the easy sale of tickets and innovations in ticketing.

keyper offers white label technology for easy and secure sharing and selling of ti-ckets by connecting existing ticketing solutions to the mobile platform. With this innovative ticketing, sports clubs can solve their no-show problem, connect their entire audience, gain more relevant data and increase overall sales.

This technology allows fans to distribute their own tickets, while the club retains control of the pricing and the data. It’s simple.

If I want to send you a ticket which I have already bought. It will be sent to you as a text message with an automatically gene-rated link. There are several services avai-lable such as email, whats app, facebook messanger and messanger. You open the link, accept the ticket and the club’s terms. You fill in a few details and can use the ticket; it’s painless and you don’t have the feeling you’ve been ripped off; and for the club, you have just gone from a vi-sitor to an active customer in a real data relationship with the club.

Customers can deliver mobile tickets in a timely manner and get in touch with the providers. When buying multiple tickets, the buyer can simply send the tickets to his friends. The tickets will be re-perso-nalized when they are shared, allowing sports clubs to reach all visitors, not just the ticket buyer.

This opens up completely new possibi-lities for getting in contact with the visi-tors. Via the Business Web App, updates can be sent to your visitors at any time, questions about the event can be clari-fied, and thus a better connection to the visitors can be established.

The SDK is available for iOS and Android. The solution can also save time and effort for distributing partner and sponsor ti-ckets. Changes to events are transmitted to the visitor directly to the smartphone via push notification. For seamless integ-ration into the app, the design can be ea-sily adapted to the wishes.